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New X-30 build... and some questions!

Hey guys, new to the forum, but been a MC owner since 2007. I'm moving on from my X-1 and pretty sold on the new X-30. Need more space, better ride in rough water, etc..

Here are my questions for you X-30 owners...

Do you recommend surf tabs? We will add ballast to the factory settings, and generally my wife and I have 6-8 passengers, but sometimes it's just me and her and we really want a great surf wake...

Is the black or dark grey new vinyl hot? We live in TX and it gets well over 100 most days we are out.. i was leaning towards the lighter grey

Any strong opinions on the 6.0 or 6.2 motor for the X-30? $3,000 difference from my dealer.. Over the years, even with the MCX on the X-1.. with lots of weight in the boat it took a while to get on plane.. I don't want to ever have that issue with this boat, but also don't want to waste money if I won't notice the difference..

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