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Originally Posted by MC209 View Post
When you jail break your phone... What exactly do you get to do on it? Or what does it accomplish?
It allows you to install 3rd. party apps. that are not approved/controlled by Apple.

Some of these are "eye candy" type apps, and some are "productivity" type apps, while others are games, and what not.
Example, if you use Pandora.... there's an app/tweak that lets to skip to the next song as many times as you want.

I've got an app. downloaded called "Androidlock XT"....
instead of typing a four digit key code, I can swipe custom multiple dot patterns.
Also have an app. that has my name where it used to say "slide to open", in case someone picks up my phone.... they can hit the home key and automatically see my name.

I do a lot of calendar scheduling and booking through Google Calendar, so I'm set up to get my pending appointments in text messages, so my most desired app is "lockinfo" .... my lock screen shows pending appointments immediately.... I don't have to swipe down the notification center... just hit the home key, glance, done!

I use BiteSMS as my primary messaging program instead of Apple's messaging program, simply because I can set timers on pre-typed messages to be sent at a later time/date.... Say, it's 3:00am and I need to message someone.... I can set timer for 8:00am, so that's VERY handy!

A simple youtube search for "top cydia apps" might show you a lot more than I can explain.
I use mine more for productivity....

I have absolutely no music, videos, or movies downloaded to my phone.... I use Pandora and IHeart radio for my tunes
oh, and I use "youmail" for for my voicemails.

here's what it looks like as soon as I hit my HOME button "edited"
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