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Originally Posted by Snipe View Post
I appreciate your help, but it looks like I will have to depend on a mechanic as I am NOT one. Maybe once I got into some of this, it may be a little clearer, but as for now......fog.
Thanks again though. I had (still do until it gets sold) a Ski Nautique with a 351 ford Windsor, carburated. I could help myself there, I just don't get all this electronic stuff.
It's not rocket surgery but it requires thinking a bit differently about what's happening.

If you have concerns about the engine's performance, you can find all the information you could want online, by searching here and using google. If it runs well, you don't need to do much more than change the oil/filter, impeller, cap/rotor/plugs/wires/thermostat and keep it from overheating. You need to clear out the oil cooler frequently, too. That one step can mean the difference between an engine that lasts for thousands of hours and one that only lasts 50 hours. If the oil cooler is clogged, the impeller dies. If the impeller dies, the engine is at risk.
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