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Originally Posted by bturner2 View Post
Even if you can find a really deep garage I've found that the depth isn't the real problem on my 07 X2 but the height of the door. Even with my tower down I had issues getting past the windshield and the racks. I ended up having to lower the dolly wheel all the way down to get past the windshield then taking the entire back half of the tower off to get clearance for the racks. I'd expect that with the Star the boat would be even taller and most garages will not have a door that is going to give you the vertical clearance to get it in the garage.
This is the problem I had with my 2004 X-10. Even with the tower folded all the way, the tower was still 3" too tall for my garage. I ended up changing out the wheel on the jack, replacing it with one which was smaller. Now, the tower clears with about 1/4" to spare.
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