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Originally Posted by Snipe View Post
O.K. I have to ask now. With EFI just what does the "Check Engine Light" all cover?
To my knowledge there aren't any emission gadgets and such. Is it just for the overheating? Or am I overlooking something?
What year? The original injected models had a MAP sensor, TPS, Knock sensor, temperature, IC module and the LT-1 & LTR have crank sensors. Except for the crank sensors, all of these could cause a code to be stored. In addition to these, the ECM could cause the MIL to illuminate if the voltage to it was low, if the EEPROM was bad and it could put the engine in RPM reduction mode, which far too many call 'Limp Mode'. The only reason these can run at all when they overheat is because disabling an engine is dangerous if the users need to get out of trouble. They should never be run if RPM reduction occurs because most of these don't have a closed cooling system.

Newer models DO have emission monitoring that include O2 sensor and catalytic converters. It's not as extensive as what's in cars and trucks, but the EPA and CARB have mandated this for the same reasons.
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