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#1 Question, by far: "Is that fast?"

#2. Actual conversation in my driveway last summer while I prepped the boat to head to the lake.

Old Man Neighbor: (looking at the tower as he walks past) "You going fishin'? I bet that holds a lot of poles."
Me: "Oh, no, we don't fish at all...just ski. That's to tie a rope on for wakeboarding and skiing."
Old Man Neighbor: "Where do you go fishing?"

#3. Person looks at the boat and tower and has a mild knowledge of watersports. "Oh is that for that waveboarding?"

#4. "Wakeboarding? Is that were you're on your knees?" No, that's kneeboarding.

#5. "Wakeskating? How do you ride the board without any feet?" Good question.
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