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Originally Posted by jkski View Post
Drywall sure goes up fast! I don't know if it is the crew we have or if drywall always goes up this fast but I took the guys doughnuts at 7am yesterday morning and was back at the house for a meeting at 4pm only to find that they are about 80% done with the inside of the house! Truly an amazing transformation as the rooms really took shape today....and it is a little harder to get good picture angles now!
So, they will finish-up today and the finish guys start on Monday!

Great! Make sure they have enough screws in it. And I mean screws, not nails. When I built my house I went in after the drywall guys were finished hanging and inspected all the sheets to see if there was any flexing or gaps between the board and the stud, and I found them everywhere. I also found they used mostly nails around the edges and a few screws through the middle. Not acceptable! I then spent 6 hours and almost a thousand screws and went through the entire house securing and adding, everywhere!

I know some groups will glue it as well but that would not change what I did.

They always tell you to expect nail pops.... Not me. I had maybe 2 in all. If they do the job right the first time there are no reason for nail pops... The muding crew wasn't too happy with all the extra spots to cover but o'well....

Then, depending on how your house is built you have to be careful of the drywall connection joint between the second floor internal walls and the trusses. I have full trusses for my roof and the internal walls dont support any of them. So when its warm the trusses are settled down, close to the top of the walls. But when it gets cold out the trusses will rise up and pull away from the walls so the corners need to have some flex space. So what they are supposed to do is keep the ceiling nails/screws away from the walls so the drywall can flex as it rises. I have one (1) spot that is obvious each winter in my bedroom. Summertime there is no gap. As it gets colder the gap appears and then it could be as big a 1/8" during the coldest times.

The fact that your building in winter may help you since they would already be raised up....
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