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Originally Posted by SkiDog View Post
I haven't seen your plans so I may be speaking outa turn here. If you have a wooden deck like on a second level, and a porch or something under it that you would like to use when its raining, "Trex" decking, makes a product called "Rain escape". Its a product that goes inbetween the floor joists of the upper deck and causes the rain water to drain into a catch basin and then dumps into a gutter. Its cool. Don't know if you have a use for that or not though.

The other thing I was gonna tell you is this: remember the last 10% of the job, is 90% of the work!
Thanks for the info, that is exactly what I am looking to do with the area under the deck. When we were designing it we knew there was no good way to put a truly functional roof over the deck area without sacrificing the look of the front of the house so we planned to make the "in case it rains" gathering place, under the deck area. I have gone back and forth between trex and treated lumber and although the treated comes with maintenance, I have been leaning towards it due to the cost aspect but this trex product may sway me the other way. I am waiting until the project is done before I make my final decision so that I can see where we stand financially, worst case scenario, I will simply add a temp stairway to the 2 doors coming off of the house where the deck would be and I wil hold-off on building it until the funds allow it to be done the right way.

I agree with your statement, all of the work done to this point is literally behind the walls, masked where nobody can see it so now the devil is truly in the details. We are fortunate in that we are in no hurry or on any specific timeline to move in. Our current home is on the market but if it should sell we have options. The things we do next are the things we will see everyday and truly regret if they are not done right!
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