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Originally Posted by XStar08 View Post
That said I would prefer to drive around with a 911 instead of a Truck or even X5 but when it comes to towing on very well maintained roads for me the X5 is the best to have (not re the relation price/amount of car you get of course).
This makes sense to me. I have that part of me which would love to have a dedicated tow vehicle with Brahma-bull like towing capacity, but I have the reality of needing vehicles which meet other needs, as well.

However, our Honda Pilot does a nice job towing our X-10. It also hauls kids, camping gear, bicycles, skis, dog, etc., admirably well, and keeps our possessions dry. And, my wife would rather drive this than a pickup with greater towing capacity.

Me - - - well, I didn't get my FJ Cruiser to tow the boat (see my earlier post), but my wife's choice of the Honda Pilot allowed me to buy a VW GTI, which is a blast to drive around town.

I love to drive. Since I can't have dedicated vehicles for towing, for long trips, for performance, for hauling kids and gear - - - I think we have done okay.
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