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Originally Posted by pmkkdx View Post
you must have the 4wd Pilot? We were leaning heavily towards a Pilot (2wd) when we upgraded my wife's 4Runner in 2011 but the 2wd model Pilot towing was only rated for 3500 lbs where the 2wd 4Runner was 5000 lbs ... main point that we stayed with the new 4Runner over the Pilot.
Yes, the 4WD Pilot is what we have. I was actually looking at the Toyota FJ Cruiser (because I love the look of it and the way it drives), but my wife wanted something with more seating capacity and the Toyota dealer had a used Pilot with 27k miles for a steal.

The Pilot has done admirably well towing the X-10 to date and my wife loves it for hauling around our boys. I have to admit that it is a nice vehicle to drive.

(I still wish I had the FJ Cruiser, but we settled on a good compromise.)
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