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Well, seems (again) that it depends on what country you are living in regarding the allowed tow capacity. For example over here the X5, Touareg, Q7, XC90, Landcruiser, Range, Defender are rated the same, 3'500kg meaning about 7'000 lbs which is the max. for non active braking trailers. To be able to tow an XStar you need to have 3500kg capacity. XC60 is not allowed to tow such loads nore are most of the other SUV's (not even the Nissan Pathfinder is).

I totally agree re the non real off road capabilities of X5 and Co. but that's not what I need and not what they have been built for. If I would live out in the fields/forrest remotely I would use a Toyota Landcruiser (older model) or a Defender.

That said I would prefer to drive around with a 911 instead of a Truck or even X5 but when it comes to towing on very well maintained roads for me the X5 is the best to have (not re the relation price/amount of car you get of course). I also test drove the Range Sport but it was not half as fun to drive as the X5. Not to speak about the BMW IDrive, if you had that once you will miss it even though Mercedes and Audi copied it (but the usability is far better with BMW's system).
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