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Let me preface this post by saying I deal with very high end cars (a few over $300k) and my eye for quality of finishes on both paint and gel coat will be a bit more critical than the average person. Most people don't see the flaws I do and a lot don't care so much about the finish of their cars and boats. I have a new site that you can check out and see some of the cars we deal with The only inventory on there is very recent stuff, same with the sold section.

Just like any other manufacture MC boats don't come finished as well as they should. If you really know what you're looking at with paint and gel coat finishes you will see that every brand new MC (and all other companies as well) has a ton of flaws in the Gel Coat, scratches, swirls, haze. Our boat even had some gouges in the gel coat from the factory. Some are better than others but none come perfect. Some dealers will have their new boats gone over before customers take delivery. Mine was not and that may be because I wanted it right after it was delivered. And of course these issues are easier to see on black and darker colors.

Just like paint, gel coat has a certain thickness. If you are familiar with wet sanding or cutting and buffing you can basically take layers off surfaces to get rid of all imperfections. It's a process that requires someone who knows what they are doing but if done correctly it can restore old paint and gel coat or it can make brand new boats look like they really should.

A lot of people have seen our boat and asked how we got the gel coat to look so mirrored and perfect. And our dealer came up to my showroom and saw it after I had it done and couldn't believe how much better it was.

The following pics are from when the boat was brand new and I had just taken delivery. The first pic is exactly how it came from the factory. We put harsh light on the surface to further show how bad it really was and how good it turned out.

After the first stage of refinishing:

Now after several stages and 100% complete and refinished:

A brand new $126,000 setup should come looking like the last of these three pics. My boat gets detailed 24/7 and it looks better than brand new right now even after 80hours of use.
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