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Originally Posted by XStar08 View Post
Mine is a diesel too and yes, you notice that there is a Star behind you but it is still ok to tow/drive. Especially with the 8 gear transmission which mine has. I could imagine that 'only' having half of the weight behind you (Prostar) you won't really notice.

My decision was to go with the expensive X5 because I need the car to travel as well and I did not want to have two cars, one for towing and one for the normal usage. It uses about 9 Liter per 100 km without and 10.2 with the boat behind so not much of a difference there.
For a few years, I pulled my Sea Ray with a Volvo XC60, which was a great vehicle. At the time, my reading found that the Volvo XC60 and BMW X5 were comparable in that way - - - good tow vehicles which were a blast to drive when you weren't towing anything.

When I upgraded to the X-10, however, I needed a bigger tow capacity, so the XC60 went away and we got a Honda Pilot instead. The Honda is definitely more capable as a tow vehicle but not as fun to drive as the XC60.
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