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Originally Posted by dihrdskir View Post
No offence, but most of europe will fit into the back pocket of most US or AUS states. Power and torque figures of most deutsch diesel vehicles are awesome, but out here they don't last. Where the roads are paved and wide,BM's AUDI, VW are all wonderful motor vehicles, but on australian roads that go forever or off road toyota is king. BTW I am a GM fan.
dihrdskir, hate to upset a fellow aussie, but the guy who works for me has a 5yr old Prado with leaking injectors. $3000 fix it job, a common problem apparently. He is not a happy fellow, his prado is his pride and joy. The Toyota's aren't as bullet proof as they used to be. Hilux's are also very lightly built nowadays compared to 10 years ago too. Have fun.
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