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Originally Posted by XStar08 View Post
Mine is a diesel too and yes, you notice that there is a Star behind you but it is still ok to tow/drive. Especially with the 8 gear transmission which mine has. I could imagine that 'only' having half of the weight behind you (Prostar) you won't really notice.

My decision was to go with the expensive X5 because I need the car to travel as well and I did not want to have two cars, one for towing and one for the normal usage. It uses about 9 Liter per 100 km without and 10.2 with the boat behind so not much of a difference there.
No offence, but most of europe will fit into the back pocket of most US or AUS states. Power and torque figures of most deutsch diesel vehicles are awesome, but out here they don't last. Where the roads are paved and wide,BM's AUDI, VW are all wonderful motor vehicles, but on australian roads that go forever or off road toyota is king. BTW I am a GM fan.
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