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Hello all mostly a lurker on here. I have some experience with octane and performance engines as I run A boosted Mustang at the dragstrip That requires greater than 91 octane fuel.

In short lower octane fuel actually burns faster then high octane fuel so running the lowest octane fuel possible without detonation (pinging or worse) will yield the best performance.

My "race car" which is really a street legal car I race requires 96 octane. Here in utah 91 at the pump is all you get but for a few places that sell 100 octane. I run a fuel additive called Torco accelerator. 32 oz into 10 gal of 91 makes 96. 32 oz into 20 gallons will easily net you 2 or more octane points.

The point is if you were somewhere and needed a little insurance for octane this works well.

If you buy it 5 gal at a time you can buy it for $250 or 12.50 per 32 oz.

It's alot easier then hauling around gas cans full of 93 or 91 if required.

It is unleaded and 02 sensor safe, I have run it in my car for at least 6 years with no negative effects on emissions equipment.

Just a suggestion.
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