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Originally Posted by mikeg205 View Post
I trailer and don't run but maybe 1 a week when I am lucky. I run premium all season long. Manual calls for 89... I rarely run a tank dry and then I trade off running with friend's boats... Add marine stabil every fill up and seafoam once a month.

When I boat in Canada... I get my gas from the station and lug it down. No ethanol I believe when I get premium. Medic moose if you see this - Gas from Redden's - of you know where that is

Don't care what the gas costs... but I won't pay marina prices...
+1 for the Seafoam and Stabil....helps curb the effects of ethanol (water). I think our stations here have varying amount of ethanol. Regular (87 octane) is usually advertised as "no more than 15 %) while Midgrade (89 octane) says "no more than 10%".

People can correct me if I am wrong, but unless you know you are running a high compression/high performance engine....spending the extra money on premium gas for the octane level will only be an exercise of spending more money. If, however, you are concerned about the ethanol contents of the gas...the higher octane fuels general have a lower ethanol content.

High ethanol contents should be a concern if your boat (or any other engine) sits for extended periods of time without using Seafoam and/or Stabil. only concern about Reddens would be a reduced volume of sales (gas gets older)....but that may not hold true in the summer months with the number of people staying out there.
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