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Originally Posted by Kyle View Post is where I got my rebuild kit from. I think it is the cheapest place to get a master rebuild kit.

When I did mine I assembled everything and had the same problem. My clutches were worn and needed replacing but my front pump was bad. So I had to remove the tranny and put a pump in. It worked very well after that.
Kyle, what is included in the typical master rebuild kit and what else might I need? I am finding seperate kits with snap rings, clutch plates, etc, and I am confused. I would think I want all of these things for my rebuild, right? I am also planning on replacing the pump, damper, and cooler as it seems like the thing to do, right? Thanks for all your help!

Planning on pulling this thing on Thurs. this week and digging in as soon as I get parts. Also, that manual would be very helpful as I wont touch anything inside until I have one.
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