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I think I have heard most of those listed... my wife's family (aunts/uncles) have always been nuts about the water, owning numerous & various boats (all outboards or I/Os) and skied their entire life. I showed up at a family reunion with my old '83 S&S with powerslot, they were all amuzed I bought such a small boat since none of their's ever had the power to pull me up on a slalom (always came up on two & dropped one). They all wanted to ski, so I said get your gear and get in the water, while they were arguing who was going first ... they were surprised, when I tossed out 4 ropes and said you can all go first. They never gave me [email protected] after I pulled them all up on doubles (which I was hesitant since I had never tried that).

also got the questions/comments from friends we took out "wow, when did you buy a new boat?" to which my answer was "oh, about 18 years ago and it was a few years old when I bought" ... MC OCD has advantages too
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