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Originally Posted by neil.anderson63 View Post
GoneBoatN - That's good news for you - BofA is very tricky to deal with in any type of transaction. Is it spring yet???
I know. I'm dying waiting too. Lack of snow in the mountains is making the winter season not that appealing.

I think the key in any financial transaction is to pay attention to the details. Last time I bought a home the financial institution did not provide me an advance copy of the loan documents. The load officer was not that happy sitting there while I read the loan documents word for word. Too bad for him as he could have listened to me when I warned him about that ahead of time. Plenty of organizations/people willing to have the far better end of the deal. I'm trying to buy a cheap car from my 16 year old son and one thing I said to him yesterday is "if I hand you $100 dollars, would you just turn around and give it to that person". The answer was of course no. I then asked why would you want to over pay for that car then. It was of course a little sportier car so he was more interested in it. Unfortunately all the cars in our price range that are a little sportier looking have also been beat to crap. Good lesson for my son to be learning; including patience. Our search continues...
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