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The dumbest comments I get unbelievably come from my dad.

“How many skiers can it pull?”

“I never tested it”

“My Sea Ray was very powerful and could pull 4 skiers at the same time...”

(Note: it was a 4 cylinder 170 hp)


More from my dad:

“What engine does your boat have?”

“Ford 351”

“Is that a V8?”


“How fast can it go?”


“That’s not so fast, my Sea Ray could do 42...”

“My boat is designed for skiing, not going fast...”

“So was the Sea Ray...”

“Dad, people couldn’t drive the Sea Ray in a straight line when I was skiing behind it...”


My boat could go on the ocean...”

“Dad, it takes a lot more than a closed cooling system to make a boat ocean worthy... Plus, if you took that tiny 18” boat outside the intercoastal waterway, you’d sink the SOB...”

“That’s not true!”

“OK, Whatever dad... “


“How big is your boat?”


“My Sea Ray was 19...”

“No, it was 17’8” and called 18”...

Dad goes digging through his hoarder pile of papers to see if he saved the 1981 Sea Ray model catalog...


And this crap goes on and on... And not just about boats... It applies to cars and beaches too...

Trying to convince my dad that there are better boats than his 81 Sea Ray and that there are better more beautiful beaches that Varadero Beach in Cuba is like turning on a desk fan on high, peeing into it and trying to avoid getting pee splashed all over you...

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