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I like this idea. I've played around with weight configurations on my '99 205v. There are so many different factors that effect the surf wake.

My thoughts: the more weight in the rear, the higher the wake. The more weight along the surf-side of the boat, the longer the wake. The slower the speed, the taller the wake, as you get faster, you lose some height, but gain some length.

For my 205v, I fill the 750# fat sac in the port side locker, pull the 750# sac that I normally put in the bow or the walk-way to the bow, put it on the port side floor of the boat (I don't have wrap-around seats), and fill it approximately half-way (depending on how many passengers I have), and all other sacs are empty. Then everyone but the driver sits on the port side of the boat, as close to the stern as possible. 10.5 seems to be the best speed.

This season, I'm going to try surfing on the starboard side. I'm goofy-footed, so I prefer that side. I end up surfing switch most of the time behind my boat since I like having my toes into the wake. My main concern is that since the prop spins counter-clockwise (if you're looking at it from behind the boat), that the surf wake won't be as clean on the other side. My buddy with an '04 Super Air Nautique with a prop that spins the opposite direction has found that the wake is cleaner on the starboard side for this reason. But, I need to at least give it a try on mine to find out.
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