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All engines in the Ilmor line up call for 87 octane.

Yeah, there was a thread on collecting money from others, I've got friend that reciprocate and kids with friends where I don't mind. I'll find and edit this post with a link. Key is to decide who the takers and givers are in your life and adjust accordingly. I've never collected, but this forum has changed my opinion on that. Edit: the discussion was on the bu forum, worth a read.

I'm not advocating drinking and driving, just that the savings of having an 87 octane boats adds up quick.

Edit: I'm not convinced that a 93 octane CC gets better fuel mileage than a MC, in fact, I'd say my X30 compared to a G23/230 would be over $1000 cheaper to operate each year. Not to mention that I feel the quality of the MC on fit and finish is much better.

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