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91 Octane and Up - Free Beer!

I can't help but notice that many other brands demand octane levels that are hard to find on the lakes and rivers I boat on...

Couple of questions...

Does your lake / river have pumps that are 91 or higher?

Do you care about fuel costs ?

Do you run with premium fuel or additives, if how much of a difference does it make on performance?

Our lake sells 89 octane fuel at $6.20 / gallon... So I use a 25G trolley with a few 5G jugs to fill @ 5.00 / gallon at the road side stations. I'll fill on the lake in a jam, but that's only 4-5 times a year. My fuel costs are between 3-5k per annum...numbers are converted from Canadian to USD.

My opinion, I do care about fuel costs, having to pay for premium higher octane fuel adds 15-20% to the overall costs to operate. It doesn't affect the number of hours I spend on my boat, but the extra pinch at the pumps would be noticeable. The delta on a full tank is a couple cases of beer in the U.S. or one case in Canada. In this light, MC is giving us $40-50 bucks with every tank of some beer or other stuff...

I've seen posts where people say, if you can afford one of these boats, you shouldn't complain about the costs to run that I say, find me someone that doesn't like FREE BEER!
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