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All of the same:
Where is the engine? How fast can it go? Did you catch any today?

True story:
My drunken neighbor has never liked me. I believe it is boat envy, he owns a Bay Liner. One day he pulls up beside me and asks “Do you want to race to the damn and back”. I’m sure his boat will top out at 50 MPH once he gets going so I just said “I’ll go ahead and give you the race to the damn and back, then we’ll put 3 slalom skiers behind each boat and do the same thing.” He says, “Why do you want to do that?” I say, “Because mine is a SKI boat”. That shut him up.

A few years later they lost their boat in a drunken collision with another boat. His son just bought an 89 Prostar that is identical to the one I used to own.
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