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I think there are a couple of ways to do this...

1. User defined functionality... where you can add a Facebook 'Like' button or other similar third party like button. With a bit of time each person could add the ability for someone to like their post. By adding a signature with some code for example. In this scenario the third party tracks the number of likes and it would require everyone that participates to be a member, not great because I suspect most people keep their FB account separate or in some cases don't use it.

2. Forum defined functionality... Where we need the software supporting this forum to be modified or configured, if possible, to enable a 'like' button function.

This forum has moderators to take down troll posts, which is different than a dislike and it has guidelines on thanking people. I think that features like these should be deployed with policy updates and consideration towards not wrecking a good thing. In other words, dislikes could add a new dimension that might prevent good ideas.

Noticed the BU forum has a 'Like' function...

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