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First off a race motor would probably not be a good idea. I don't think that these boats would handle high speeds. I hear that after 50 they become a little scary and dance around.

Ok for tranny questions.

1) you don't need an overhead system. It is only 150-200#.

2) once you remove the electrical and the prop couplers are separated you can remove the tranny mounts from the stringer. You should be able to pick up on the tailshaft of the tranny rotate the engine level. Put some 2x4 blocks under the oil pan to keep the tranny up. At this point the tranny should only be 1" or so from the stringer. Unbolt it and slide her back.

3) get a friend or what I did was a come a long to the rafter of my storage facility and made a harness and picked it up. I had no extra help and it is not worth dropping it trying to man handle it. You will be able to pick it up but it is just easier to hoist it out or have someone help you (not the wife it gets heavy and you don't want to drop it)

4) I have a manual if you need instructions. I can scan to a PDF.

5) the pump can go on 180* backwards. Mark the pump and the bell inner housing so you know how it lines back up or how the new one should go in.

6) remove the pump and o ring

7) remove the first part of the case of tranny. Pull out all clutches that are big. This is the reverse clutches.

8) keep digging deeper and a hole clutch assembly will come out.

It is not hard but I recommend instructions. I am very mechanically inclined and I used the instructions. There are some clips in the rebuild kit that are certain thickness and need to go in the correct places.

You can either take your time and do it yourself or once it's out you can drop it off at a tranny shop. Either way.
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