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Originally Posted by Kevin 89MC View Post
FWIW, when I first got my boat, the trans started slipping one day, mainly in turns and starting out. Noticed I was a bit low on fluid. Filled it up, that cured it, then happened again a few weeks later. Took it to the shop (before I got into wrenching), they found that the seal around where the shift linkage goes into the trans had a small leak. Got it fixed, had them put new clutch pack in (existing ones were about half worn out), no problems after that. Just another spot to check for leaking in case anyone else has this issue.
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Again, I am mechanical but not much of a transmission guy (tranny guy just doesnt sound right). Correct me if I'm wrong but isnt doing clutch packs basically pulling the tranny and doing an overhaul?

I am contemplating whether to do it myself or not. It looks fairly simple if you have a manual. My only concern is pulling the thing. It looks way too heavy to pull by hand and I dont have an overhead pulley system. How hard is it to get out? And what about installation, is alignment a big issue?
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