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Originally Posted by bjames View Post
Have been used to running my X25 with KGB full and rear tanks anywhere from 1/2 to full. With this setup, the wake is on the steep side, but thats what Im used to.

With the 2009 Xstar, I am wondering if the additional ballast is needed assuming I am going to acheive similar results with just stock ballast.

Just wanted to get other peoples thoughts before dumping $1200.
Just here-say on my part but from a reliable source. I was told that the X-25 is more steep/abrupt and in comparison that the xstar wake is bigger but with a longer ramp. I would think that the best thing to do is to load up a bunch of people to determine if additional ballast achieves what you are looking for. Then again, I understand your season is so short that you want to be ready at the beginning...
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