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Originally Posted by joyner1020 View Post
I say that most of the people on here that dont like window tint have prob never been to the south in the middle of summer .. One of the public lakes we go to is located in arkansas in the middle of nowhere .. You can bet its everybit of 120 degree heat index in the middle of all those corn fields with nothing around for miles and miles ...The bimini top and the window tint are a MUST ...Like a credit card , never leave home without um ''
I live and ski in Texas... I do not enjoy being out on the lake in the heat of the day... I get on at the break of dawn and off the lake by 10 AM. Closest i get to heat of the day is 4 PM to sundown when we do our weekly ski n grills...

Does the tint look awesome? Yes.

There is no question that the tint hinders the ability to see at the dawn/dusk hours (especially in a slalom course)... We had a club member with a MC209 and it had tinted windows and after a couple of trips to the lake with his boat, I didn't want to drive for him anymore.

You know they all have a little string hanging out, but it's not a tampon, it's a price tag...
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