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Originally Posted by TxsRiverRat View Post
Mike ("Tex") made the mistake of trying to come back too early from his ACL and he ended up re-injuring himself and that I believe cost him 2 seasons on the water. Now that he is 'recovered' he skis with a brace all the time.
I know this guy you call Mike("Tex") and no he didn't try to come back too early. He was skiing with a great ortho's advice on what he could and couldn't do and suffered a freak injury the 2nd time riding a sky ski. They have written this Tex guy up in medical journals to try and figure out why this happened! I bet his insight would be trust your doctor! There has been so much advances in the area of operations. I took double cadaver and double hamstring grafts. An ACL is a day at the lake compared to what it used to be! If you want to have some fun, try an ACL/MCL/PCL! Good luck, listen to the doctors(they have a big head for a reason-Unlike others here), and do your PT! Oh yes....Doctor says wear my DonJoy at everything above a jog so I wear it every time I ski and enjoy the heck out of it and I hate braces!
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