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You will get all sorts of "advice" so take this for what it's worth. The ACL provides knee stability front to back and without it, you knee has a tendancy to "pivot shift" causing a sudden loss of strength and buckling when you walk. In time, this abnormal motion with damage the articular cartilage and you will develop arthritis. In the short term (like over the Summer) you risk tearing one of the meniscal cartilages if you knee gets torqued. A brace with hinged metal side stays will help protect againt this and would probably take you safely through the Summer. If you decide on this course, you will need to be doing quad exercises to avoid loosing leg stength. Some people are able to compensate well enough with strong quads and don't have the surgical repair done. Most people will go ahead with a surgical repair. Your surgeon can best advise you as to what type. Unfortunately, any repair can fail. A tendon repair with either cadaver or autologous tendon graft will most closely restore the natural knee mechanics and may reduce your risk of arthritis down the road. This is usually done in women or men with smaller muscles as it might not be quite as strong and may fail more often. The patellar tendon reposition is thought to be a stronger repair and more often done for people with larger muscles or people that are going to demand a lot from their knees (like skiers, boarders, etc). It does change the knee mechanics slightly and you will be looking at a knee replacement in 20 or 30 years.
Good luck on your rehab. It's a bummer of an injury.
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