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Originally Posted by TayMC197 View Post
Alright, just looked at your pictures closer and saw a few things that answered some questions. I was thinking you manifolds were exhausting the water but just internal circulation. Thats good but still think you going to run into heat problems with the up pipes unless you can find a cooling system for them as well. Then you have to have an intercooler setup. That will take up room and have zero air circulation unless you can find a heat exchanging coil setup. that will take more plumning etc.

I see the EGR is off and i'd leave that off and bypass... POS in my opinion. I'm very intrested in the project. Please keep us posted. I'm very familiar with the LMM and always looking at ways to improve performance.
I think the up pipes will be the biggest challange. The last thing you would want, is water jacketed up pipes. They would cool the exhaust, and drastically reduce turbo efficiency. A double wall pipe, and creative heat shielding, might do the trick...

The intercooler should be easy. There are tons of liquid/air heat exchangers that would work.
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