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Originally Posted by gotta_ski View Post
Your new stainless manifolds don't appear to have any place for the cooling water to enter, nor any place for the exhaust/water to mix before it is exhausted out the back. What is your plan here? I know nothing about marine diesels and very little about diesel in general other than the basic operating concept, but is this safe? It seems to me that without the exhaust being water-cooled they will get extremely hot. How do you plan to exhaust this very hot air?

This is a fascinating project though. I hope you get it all figured out. I've often wondered why the big v-drive's don't come with a diesel option.
You're correct there GS... They don't look like wet exhaust manifolds..

dmaxstore, you may want to check with these guys and see what they have or what dirrection to point you...

Hope this helps...

You may want to contact this motorhead buddy of mine.

Hope this helps. That boat has some SICK grafix!!!
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