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Originally Posted by SkiDog View Post
The truth hurts huh?!
Why you gotta only include Ga/Fla people Cameron? Seems to me that Jim has helped more people on this forum than most other people combined! So he puts something in the wrong damn place.BIG FREAKING DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lighten up for Christs sake! If I didn't know better, I'd think you got a little PAGE blood running thru your veins!

I included you, because I am well aware of the complaining that comes out of you over on your other site. I've been forwarded some posts you've made there about how much you hate the mods and how you think I threw Paxton under the bus, etc. Jim & I have spoken about him posting his boats for sale in the "Boats for sale" forum several times. He says he won't do it again and then he does it a month later, I move it and he gets all bent about it. He calls me an a-hole, you call me an a-hole, the other mods get called an a-hole and the fact of the matter is Jim is the a-hole for not just putting the flipping thread in the right forum like every other dealer does on this forum.

If anyone is tightly wound, it is you. I am nothing like Page. We were all friends once and I am unsure why/when that went sideways, but either way what I am doing is not unfair, unjustified or uncalled for.

Just put the threads in the forums they belong. It makes my life easier and your life less stressful by not having to complain about the mods over at "the other place".
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