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These are the set ups that work for me. We never really used a ton of weight, i've found with the 205 if you have proper edging technique you don't need to put 3k of extra weight.

Port side.
All the stock ballast filled, we have a 500 lb fat sac in the bow and a 350 lb sac in the port side back compartment. About 9 mph. We typically have 3-5 people in the boat so one or two in the bow and we'll put the rest on the port side or the back seat. That will produce a great wake, super hard which is the key to this boat. You don't get soft and mushy with the 205 hull. Really on the port side you don't have to do as much and it's rideable.

Starboard side
kind of need the planets to align it seems. One day we'll run the exact set up and it won't be as good. But this is what we found works the best. Stock ballast filled, except for the port side. keep the 500 lb sac in the bow filled. put the extra 350 in the starboard side compartment and put a couple of people in the bow and the rest on or close to the Starboard back end of the boat. now for the weird part. We have a person old onto the tower just behind the driver and hang off the side of the boat. Kind of do the sailboat lean thing. This seems to tip the boat on edge and it cleans up the wake so the rooster isn't throwing water in your face. Oh and you have to do a turn to the right. Just depends on how washed out the wave is. The tighter the turn the cleaner it gets.

Like i said we don't run a ton of weight. We always have a 500 up front. This boat really needs weight in the bow to firm up the wake which will also help clean it up. Stock ballast and 5 people in the boat is all you need sometimes. If we want the wake to be stupid we add 350's to each compartment but that just ends up hurting knees. When we get new folks to ride behind the boat when it's set up like that, they usually ask if we can empty the stock ballast out. With any weight, you really need to run at least 22mph. no weight which isn't terrible you can get away with running 19-20.

This is why i really like this boat. all you need to do is fill the front sac and fill the stock ballast and you're ready to go.
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