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Nordicron- I am not sure that you understand what our frustration is about....

Do you see Aric and I over on PN, complaining about how the G23 has an interior that is shaped for square people? Or how we think that it looks like a barge?? Do we jump into threads, and say "EERRRRMAAHHGERD, I would never pay 160k for a G23 with its lipless wake, and rediculous graphics!!". Do you see us telling Nautique owners that they don't know what their boat cost, or that a SAN230 should have the wide bow like the G23?

No, you don't.....

Every boat is going to have things that fanboys are going to nit-pick. Save it for WW. We all have our opinions over here, and sometimes we will but heads. With you, however, it seems you are always subtly bashing MC. I am a member at TMC, and you do the same thing there. We get that you love Nautiques, and we understand that. Nautiques are fantastic boats! If you want to be helpful here on TT, we would love to have you. If you are constantly going to ask loaded questions about why MC would do this, or that, and constantly question the design of MasterCrafts. And tell forum members that they are wrong about their own boats....... well......we don't really need that sort of thing.

Disclaimer- The statements about the G23, were generalized comments, based off of the opinions of other people. Although I do agree with some of it, I do think the G23 is a fantastic boat. I simply like the new XStar better.
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