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Aric wow you just don't get it and I'm not sure why you feel such a need to try and knock me down on this. You seriously know nothing about these boats if you think all it takes is a pickle fork to turn a x30 into a star. Their hulls nor their top decks are nothing alike.

Now as for price I know there is a thread on one of these sites that talked about the $160k priced star at one of the recent boat shows. But big deal they can be had for less and that price was probably bloated by a dealer that didn't want to sell. Fourfourty just bought one and said they are much less than that, great. Also I seen that pic of the G25 on this thread that showed the price at $142k, crazy! I've said it on other threads price on the G is crazy too, to much for me to justify especially with a kid getting ready to start college in 4yrs and another only 4yrs behind her! But I've also said if price wasn't a factor yes I'd take a G as that seems to be the boat to beat right now as far as wakes go. But like many say on here I wouldn't just blindly spend that kinda money on loyalty alone. Bet your bottom dollar I'd be spending a day on each to see for myself how they performed. I have no hatred for any boat manufacture unlike some seem to have.
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