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Originally Posted by jkski View Post
Thanks for the advice. IF you were texturing the ceiling with a simple knock-down texture would you paint it?
Great advice on the primer, never thought of that. We are actually doing the painting ourselves but I may need to re-think this after I see what my material costs will be as it may not be worth my time to paint it if someone could do it for $2.50-$3/SF with materials.
I have painted knockdown ceilings (and walls) before, and it looks good too. A repair on painted knockdown will not be as noticable, depending on what colors are used. HOWVER, If you paint it, remember that in the event you no longer want the textured ceiling, if its painted, you'll have a hellova time trying to scrape it off! With a non painted knockdown, a little water sprayed on it, and it can be scraped off pretty easily after it has soaked for a few minutes.
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