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Originally Posted by jkski View Post
More paint questions: I need some opinions on whether to prime the walls with traditional primer or if the paint and primer in one is really all that? From the research I have done and some of the people I have spoken with the paint and primer is great for a wall that was previously painted but not for new construction but I am open to other thoughts. Also, ceiling paint.....the various contractors I had bid the house originally said that they do not paint the ceilings in the new homes they build where a texturing is being used, so what are your opinions, do I need to paint the ceilings?
PAINT the ceilings! If you texture them, and have a leak, or some other type of repair, You'll NEVER match the texture!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have done it all as far as ceilings are concerned, and now, I'm all for ceiling paint. I can't answer the question concerning primer, but I would ask the guys behind the counter at the paint store. they should know. You should be able to get that house painted for somewhere in the neighborhood of $2.50 per sq. ft. Labor & materials. Maybe $3. But not any higher. Also, tint your primer to the finish color. It won't be exact but you'll get three coats of color instead of two.
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