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So I had actually already received my speakers and mounts after your post Tim. I think I got both sets of bolts that you were talking about (they match your description of the two kinds, as I understood it those are screws that connect the MC-11 to the swivel clamp. Im having a new issue). I actually ran into another problem with the two outter speaker mounts. The 8 socket head screws that come with the MC-11 are too short to fit through the MC-11 mount and the towers brace mount that is just as thick as the MC-11. I included pictures of my tower as well as all the hardware I got from the Wetsounds MC-11 adapter. Tim, have you ever ran into this problem? Or has anyone else ever had this happen with an MC tower and the MC-11 adapters. I has pro80MC's on these exact spots before with no problem. Now the included screws will not go through and meet the threads of the towers prefab spots.

I have already informed my dealer of this and he is working on it with Wetsounds. I thought I'd post on here to see if anyone else had the same problem to make sure Im not missing something. Lowe's has the exact screws in a 2 inch version stainless steel. The ones that come with the MC-11 at 1.5 inches. I haven't been able to try them yet but they should be a quick fix.

This whole scenario should not be a problem for the middle speaker mounts as there are no tower brace mounts to increase the amount of space between the mc-11 and the tower. I would think that Wetsounds had thought of this because I'm pretty sure the tower brace bars are a standard on the 2007 and newer towers. Mine is a 2008 and those brackets came from the dealer just as they are except with the original speakers. I didn't change anything as far as the brace mount goes.

Also I know this will come up. As you can see from the picture the under side of the tower's brace mount has a deeper recess than the top. I did flip the brace mount so that it sinks into the towers prefab spot a little further hopefully allowing the screws to meet the threads of the tower. This allowed for about 1/2 a thread to show through the hole where it needs to screw onto the tower. It would be impossible to get that small of an amount of thread to hold the screw. I could even get it started actually. A 1.75 inch screw would be perfect it looks. The only thing Im worried about is how it will look since the outter speakers will be dropped down slightly more than the inner speakers due to the brace bar's mounts. I have never had speakers on the inner mounts.

To clarify I have 2 pair of wetsounds rev10SC that Im trying to mount to the pre fab spots on a 2008 Mastercraft X2 tower using the wet sounds MC-11 adapter plates.
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