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Originally Posted by 03 35th Anniversary View Post
I just started the Shakeolgy stuff about a week ago and it is pretty good!!! Listen to your sister.

I have done the plan before. I am a believer in the shakeology.

I had insanity and the shakeology going and at day 30 ish I terminated my relationship with my ex. It was not worth fighting over ~$200 or who owned insanity so it stayed with her. I noticed real good results though in the first 30 days.

Buy the shakeology but do not take the full amount right off the bat. Take 1/2 the amount for a couple of days and then bump to 3/4 a day or two and then get on the full amount. It has all of the cleanest protein so your body will not process it fully at the beginning because it is used to Chit Food. 2 things will happen if you just start out taking it by full dosages. A) you will not process it and it will run right through you and you will waste it B) you will find that your farts will be so so bad that you could choke a mule forcing you to become even closer friends with your thrown. (It will RUN right through you) so take at moderation in the beginning. After day 2~3 when you add a little more than 1/2 amount you will know real fast if you can go to the full amount. When you go from Chit food to clean food like what is in the meal planner, your body will clean itself out. Trust me. You become very regular. This is coming from a guy that sees it and eats it and I admit my diet has been horrible over the winter. I love junk food.

Shakeology works buy it.....
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