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Originally Posted by Nordicron View Post
Disagree. With the extra 2ft they could still give some room in the bow with the pickle without sacrificing hardly any cabin space. Best of both worlds. And it wouldn't be anything like the star which is almost 25ft nor would it add $40k to a x-30 price. That and it would have a nice clean surf and wakeboard wake...
So it would be an x star, just a foot shorter.. tell me where the logic is in that. no one would want an x star? X-star is 24 feet. You also think every x star is 160 grand... Go buy a G23, that seems to be your boat of choice anyway from the looks of your posts on WW.

Edit: I have NEVER seen a boat show priced x star at 160k. The boat show price on a G25 at the Dallas show was 140!
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