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The place we rented was north of the Phoenix but south of the cut. It was a yellow house called Casa Caracol. We had a big crew so I rented both the upstairs and downstairs which can be rented separately.

There is a little fruit market across from the Belize Yacht Club. We picked up some fresh fruit and some really good homemade salsa there.

I am a big fan of having a golf cart. You can walk all over but it is fun to explore up to the Palapa Bar north of town and gives you a lot more dining options.

Have Fun!
You found fresh fruit??? Man, I couldn't find fresh bananas to save my life there... If you were lucky, toy find them right when they arrived, it was good otherwise way past their prime. (I love taking bananas on the dive boat to eat between dives)

yes, the carts were great, just expensive and apt to theft. Anything not locked down will be stolen there.

Another Palapa Bar fan! Nice! They do have a FB page...

Did you travel way south of Ramones? We did a bit, but it was mainly a few outlaying resorts and not much as far as restaurants.

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