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Originally Posted by mustangtexas View Post
I was in the Lewisville, TX Academy Sports & Outdoors yesterday and they had a handful of pistols in the case. They had the Sig 2022 in .40S&W at $459.00 so I bought it. It was the last one of ten they got in on Saturday night. I had just come from Bass Pro in Grapevine where the gun counter was bare. A few revolvers but that was it. I was a bit shocked to see all the holders in the case empty. The gun sales people were standing around with their arms crossed with nothing to do. I talked to one of them and he said they are afraid some may be laid-off due to no product to sell.

What are you seeing as far as availability in your area?
Same here in CO. I've been looking the past month or so for a s&w .40 shield and finally was able to find one last week and bought on the spot. However, in Bass Pro yesterday and 3 full glass display cases empty, except for a handful of 6" revolvers. Ammo 95% depleted. The small, local dealers seem to be the more reliable places to look right now. Items are not lasting long but at least they seem to be getting them in. The big places seem to be getting nothing---or my timing just sucks.
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