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2/12/13 Update: Concrete now in basement.

We now have a concrete floor in the basement......... but as with most things it did not come without it's challenges. The guys put down 20 yards of concrete by grading a ramp to the driveway, lining it with plywood and then they buggy'd it right in the temp door we had on the walkout. They did a fantastic job as I would have thought for sure that we would have been calling in the pumper to get the material in there. The only problem we encountered was that water was seeping in thru the block on the backside of the house as there was a lot of water sitting against the foundation due to the grade not yet being established. The footer drains were flowing just fine but we think that water just filled the voids in the block and in 2 spots starting with the garage wall, which is not waterproofed, and then it crept it's way over and in. The guys did a great job of battling it to give me a nice finish on the floor so now we just need some dry weather to be able to grade the area away from the house and create a swayle which will keep this from happening down the road.
I will get some pics later today and post them up.

Next up the framers come back on Friday to button-up a few things and put the walkout sliders in, the HVAC guys come back tomorrow to hook-up the duct work and then the drywallers come in on Tuesday of next week. As for me, I will be getting the OSB for the attic area floor and putting it up there while the ceiling is still open and accessible.....using my noggin' for something good for a change!
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