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Originally Posted by wheelerd View Post
I'm typically the "bone stock" sort of guy, unless it's a small subtle change, or if there is something horrendously wrong with the original. In your case, the split color on the hull might be problematic in terms of replacing the decal with lettering. Logic says you would have to go above or below the split -- in the white area it might look too high and in the blue it would be too low. Straddling the split with the lettering doesn't seem like an option. Dunno?
That has been and is my thought as well. It's actually a cool decal with Lots of detail when you see it up close. That said, I am still partial to plain white boats and aircraft....just something about it that works better for me than the loud designs of today's x-stars.....

An all white one with that curved glass would be sex on water.

The Star Wars style lettering makes me think a 20 yr old with access to photoshop won a design contest judged by 18 yr olds.

Rims with spinners to boot ;0)
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