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Went to the raleigh boat show this weekend. Wasn't real impressed with the lineup. Supra, Nautique, MC, Axis, centurion but some weird mixes in each.

Supra-Wasn't impressed with the 21v or 22. Both had straight up seats that were super shallow. I could see my back hurting riding almost anywhere in those boats. SA350 was a pretty boat and the seats were much nicer but ***. The finishes were garbage. All the seats were just laying in, no hinges, no nothing. 96k and you can't get hinged compartments? Not impressed overall

Nautique-G is pretty sweet but I can see what people say about the boxed out seats. Overall its an impressive beast, rest of the boats were "ok" but wasn't feeling the quality for the $.

Centurion-Look like their quality is getting better but dear lord their dashes are hideous.

Axis/malibu-20mxz is a sweet lil boat. Was really digging some of the detail. The axis had an ugly A$$ a20 that was blander than plain oatmeal. They also had a "recon" edition A22. I actually like the A22 but laughed when the dealer was pushing on "digital camo" vinyl. Like dude its ugly as hell go away. He then proceeded to tell me how the painted parts would hold up better. Like yea just imagine if they were powder coated haha.

Mastercraft-No star which was saddening but really liked the x-10. Girl was siked about the boat but couldn't get a dealer to pay us a bit of mind. I tried to get ones attention and he walked right up to an older couple after making direct eye contact. Guess I didn't look like a mastercraft owner lol. The x-25 was rediculous and again the finishes were off the hook. Blew everything else at the show away. Only thing I would love to see in the 10 is a padded walk on the rear deck like the 25 and 30. I know its a smaller area but would be a nice touch.

Overally MC seems to be killing it but I was seriously Pi$$ed about our dealer. I love that we get directed to local market dealers but mine seems to suck. Been over there a few times to get parts etc and can't get anyone to help us with the new boats.
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