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Actually I've said for years that everyone should have to work fast food for one year just to get a perspective on life. Back in the day when I worked at McDonald's the saying went.... A Dollar Sixty five and hour and all the pride you can swallow. May not have liked working there but at least it paid for the gas and insurance on my car without having mommy and daddy handing it to me.

I still tell stories of how nasty people can be when they think they are superior just because you're waiting on them in a restaurant. I've had people throw food at me, throw their garbage on the floor in front of me and make condescending remarks about the job I was performing as I was working to get their orders. As bad as it was at times it was a life lesson that I've taken with me and learned by. You won't see me or my childern for that matter treat a working person with disrespect regardless of the job they are performing.
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