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The 205v (and original X-star, X-2, X-1) derivatives THREAD

The SS, Prostar, new X-2, etc. etc. owners have their threads. How about a thread for the 205v configuration, along with it's derivatives -- 205 VRS, the original X-Star, the original X-2, and the now-discontinued X-1.

One of the most popular and longest-lived configurations conceived by MasterCraft, the second generation 205 hull was introduced in 1996, with the V-drive appearing in 1999 and lasting until 2011. The history of this hull is well-documented at and other TT threads have commented on its demise.

So, in honor of this great boat, let's see your rides, your mods, you and the family in/on/behind it, whatever.

To begin ...

Here's our '05 X-2 which we purchased locally last fall. It has 460 hrs and the MCX engine. Options include heater, shower, tower speakers and lights, bimini. Mods include PPass and an Acme 1285 prop.

Spring plans include adding a Bennett wakeplate which I purchased last fall, adding ski rack extensions, and removing the frozen tower knobs so that I can collapse the tower. Eventually I would like to replace the rear ballast hard tanks with larger bags and also install a bow V-bag.
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